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The American Revolution

    Patriot's Day -  (U.S. National Park Service)

Minuteman Statue
Lexington, Massachusetts
Teacher Notes

Letter to Cybrary Man - February 16, 1970 Berriman Junior High School 64 "A Study of the American Revolution" - "This total group effort under your inspirational and devoted guidance, provided a built-in motivation for a sustained and integrated learning experience." (Lazarus J. Braffman - Principal)

Each student decided on what they wanted to study about the American Revolution. Then they prepared a one page report with a picture drawing on that topic. I reproduced copies of the entire booklet for each student.  The final Study of the American Revolution was a treasured booklet to be shared with family and friends.

Betsy Ross House

Photographs by Cybrary Man

The American Revolution - 1775-1783

Paul Revere's Ride
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The American Revolution

American Revolution Videos

Coming of the American Revolution 

American Revolution Lesson: Using Balanced Sources @EasyBib

American Revolution Lesson: Integrating Multiple Sources to Answer a Question @EasyBib

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National Archives - American Revolution

Revolutionary War Records

American Revolution: Time Lines
(The History Place)

English Colonial Era 1700-1763 Timeline