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The Brain and Brain Games
#WBTchat - Whole Brain Teaching

My Brain Mavens


Children need Brain Breaks

My Play & Movement page

I am big fan of BrainPop and used it successfully with my Middle School students when it first came out.

Brain Games 

Brain Bashers

Brain Games & Brain Training - Lumosity

Brain Games - LiveBinder

Brain Teasers from PedagoNet

Brain Teasers: Hoagies' Kids & Teens

Braingle Brain Teasers, Puzzles, Riddles, Trivia and Games

Brainy Kids - Dana Foundation

Brain Teasers | Daily Dose at Internet 4 Classrooms

Games for the Brain

Memory Games on the SMARTBoard Teachers Love SMART Boards

Mensa Workout

Mystery Master Logic Puzzles

 Neuro Arcade

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection

The Problem Site: Problem Solving and Educational Games

See: My Learning Games page for Mnemonics and List Activity

Brain Injuries

The Brain Trauma Foundation

Traumatic Brain Injury: MedlinePlus

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

My Visual-Spatial Learners page

My Multiple Intelligences page

Brain Sites

Born to Learn ~ You are Born to Learn

Brain Basics - NIMH

Brain-Based Learning: Resource Roundup | Edutopia

Brain Facts

Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA)

Brain Leaders and Learners

Brain Metrix

Brain and Brain Research Information - The Dana Foundation

Brain Research and Learning Theories: Hoagies' Gifted

Brain Rules - John Medina

Energy and Calm: Change It Up and Calm It Down! | Edutopia

Inside the Brain: An Interactive Tour


Neuroscience for Kids

Popular Tools and Practices for Brain Based Learning

Social Brain, Social Mind | Psychology Today

The Brain from Top to Bottom

The Human Mind Project @HumanMindDebate

The Teenage Brain: Stress, Coping, and Natural Highs | Edutopia

The Whole Brain Atlas

To Help Students Learn, Engage the Emotions

Top Resources for Educators on Learning and the Brain

Why Neuroscience Should Be Taught in Teacher Preparation Programs - The Edvocate

5 Easy Brain Breaks for Your Classroom @coolcatteacher

How Kids Learn Better By Taking Frequent Breaks Throughout The Day

5 Examples of How Neuroscience is Affecting Education
The Tech Edvocate

7 Brain Training Apps and Tools - The Edvocate

7 Must-Have Neuroscience Apps and Tools for Educators

10+ Tips for Using Brain Based Methods to Redesign Your Classroom | EdSurge

12 Brain Rules - Brain Rules

36 Apps and Tools That Will Make Your Students Smarter - The Tech Edvocate

100 Brain Based Tasks to Include Readers in Any Story They Read! Brain Leaders and Learners

Whole Brain Teaching

Whole Brain Teaching - Teaching and Learning Together

Teaching: Whole brain teaching on Pinterest