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Mobile Learning  M-Learning
MLD - Mobile Learning Device 
#mlearning  #cells4ed
M-Learning must follows are @SNewco and @shellterrell

St. Marys City Schools Mobile Learning Technology
The 4 C's with MLDs - Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, & Creativity

The Mobile Native

Helping students use smartphones responsibly

5 Reasons to Allow Students to Use Cell Phones in Class

5 Steps to Harnessing the Power of Cells in Education Today

5 Tips for Managing Mobile Devices in the Classroom | Catlin Tucker

6 Ways to Use Cell Phones to Strengthen the Home-School Connection

The Seven Myths of Mobile Learning

9 Uses for Smartphones in the Classroom

50 Reasons It's Time For Smartphones In Every Classroom

50+ Effective Mobile Learning Tips and Resources [PDF] SimpleK12

Effective Mobile Learning: 50+ Tips & Resources Ebook

Mobile Learning Lesson Plans  Scholastic

Cell Phones in Learning

Curriculum 21: Cell Phones For Educators - LiveBinder

Lecture Capture Creates Powerful Possibilities for Mobile Learning | Emerging Education Technology

Mobile Devices Drive Creative Instruction

Mobile Learning and The Flipped Classroom

Mobile Learning for Special Needs

Mobile Learning Mlearnopedia

High Techpectations: Leadership for Mobile Learning Resources

mlearning - Paul McKean on Diigo

Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand


Infographic: A History of Mobile Productivity

Infographic: Mobile Devices Running Wild

My Android Page

My Apple/MAC Page

My iPad Page

My iPhone Page


Cell Phones in the Classroom - Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher

The Survival Guide for Teaching with Mobile Devices : Teacher Reboot Camp

Cell Phones as Instructional Tools - LiveBinder

Mobile Learning: Resource Roundup | Edutopia

Why mobile learning? - The Educator's PLN

Mobile Learning - Shell Terrell

Sharing the Narratives of Our Lives: Meaningful Learning with Mobil...

Mobile Motivation: Learning with Mobile Devices - LiveBinder - Shelly Terrell

Cell Phone Workshop for Parents

Eric Sheninger: Tool for Learning or Distraction?

Mobile Use Policies

St. Marys City Schools: Handheld Computer Acceptance Use Policy

Cell Phones in Class Acceptable Use Policy

Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy Mobile Computing Device Policy

Creating a plan with students to use cell phones for learning

Using Cell Phones to Enhance Learning: Updated Cell Phone Agreement--Celly Friendly and Safe for Educators

My Acceptable Use Policies Page

Using Cell Phones to Support Student Engagement & Achievement in Speaking and Listening

How Devices in the Classroom Enable Mobile Learning

Mobile e-moderation station

Technology4kids  / MobileLearning

Ideas for How Teachers Can Use Cell Phones in the Classroom

psdtechPD - Cell Phones in the Classroom links

'Bring your own device' catching on in schools | Curriculum | eSchoolNews

From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Learning

Celly: Instant Group Text and Polls | Mobile Learning | Text to Screen

The Innovative Educator: Tech & Learning's Top Video - Cell Phones in the Classroom. From Banning to Embracing.