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Chat Moderators
Let's take our chats to the next level
I would like to see more joint chat sessions!
These are ideas I came up with many years ago but I feel they should be incorporated more in the chats happening now.

How I Got This Idea

I was always troubled by the fact that #engchat and #sschat occurred at the same time.  I had taught both subject areas and was very interested in participating in each of these chats.  When I was asked to be a guest moderator on #engchat I struggled with what topic to do.  I even asked son who is an English teacher.  I liked his ideas but I decided to have a joint #engsschat.  I am very pleased that the #engsschat(s) we have done have worked out extremely well.  To me it was a natural connection.

When I taught I always tried to incorporate other subject areas into lessons. I want to see more chats between different subject areas.

Cross Curricular page

Thank You

Thank you moderators for all that you doing.  I feel that the educational chats on Twitter are wonderful ways to bring global educators together.  There is so much sharing, connecting and learning going on as a result.

I feel this will really bring together more global educators to connect with one another and share their expertise. It will make all chats even stronger. 

I am not advocating permanently joining different chats but at least trying a session together.  If that works you can schedule joint chats after that.

How to Moderate Chats page

Some Things I Would Like to See

More collaboration among different grade and subject area levels.  For example: In many cases elementary teachers never connect with middle school teachers.  Even different grade levels have little to do with one another.

Help for teachers using technology in all subject areas.  The joint #tichat (Technology Integration) and #sschat was amazing.

As a result of what occurred on that special chat session was a joint #tichat and #spedchat.

We are in the midst of combining #educoach and the #sschat  I can envision many other subject areas working with them.

For elementary teachers the wonderful moderators of #elemchat have agreed to idea for a joint #elemchat and #sschat. I want to see more subject areas collaborate with them. 

Educational Chats page

Twitter Chats page

I am still trying to figure out how to have teachers incorporate career education into their lessons on all grade levels and in all subject areas.

Careers in Subject Areas page