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Current Events

Each day I would have a student put on the board
a current headline that we would discuss.

Students daily homework was to either listen to, read about or watch the news.
I wanted them well-informed

Teacher Notes

Letter from a former student:

“Yale has played a tremendous role in broadening  horizons.  I’d never really been a very political person before – you probably remember quiet little me when it came to current events back in the good ‘ole days – but there is so much debate and political unrest here, it is almost impossible to not become aware of the issues.  There are so many things in this world that are flawed, and I think awareness is the key to improving them.  I used to dislike the “current events” part of our class, but now looking back, I see the significance of this exercise.  I only wish I saw it then.”  And now, as I am about to embark on this long and treacherous journey called Life, I see it fitting that I look to the past, to the man who has been so important to  growth.  And I want to thank him.  Thank you. Mr. Blumengarten.”  (1989)

 daily homework assignment was to have  students either read, watch or listen to the news and we would discuss the major news stories the next day.

To teach Current Events I had  class put on their own news show. I had co-anchors and feature correspondents for International, National, State and Local News. I also had a Sports Reporter, Fashion Editor,
Television and Movie Editor, etc.

The children loved putting on the news and even performed it for the faculty during their lunch period.

The children enjoyed a news producer who came to speak to them and explained the background of a news show. We also took a field trip to tour a news studio.

Years later when  wife and I were walking in Midtown Manhattan a former student yelled  name and ran up to us in his NBC News jacket.  He was part of that class that put on the news show!

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