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Technology Integration

Addressing Foreign Language Learning Anxiety with Mobile Technology — Emerging Education Technologies

Thinking About Syncing? Technology Resources for the World Language Classroom - Catherine Ousselin

AATF Technology Commission Tech Blog

Foreign Language Pinterest Board

Tools for World Languages - LiveBinder

Technology for 21st Century WL Teachers

eTools for Language Teachers

Language Learning & Technology

Language Software Reviews
Best Language Learning Software

Technology Integration Page

Google Translate

BabelXL, best online translator. No text limit to translate

Online Language Dictionaries and Translators

Digital Dialects language learning
Language Learning Games

English to French, Italian, German & Spanish Dictionary - WordReference

Bing Translator

My Multicultural Page

Global Language Monitor


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Education World® Curriculum Latin Makes a Comeback

Teaching Why Bother Teaching Latin

Latin Links (About)

Latin Links

The Classics Pages - Latin and Greek Teaching Resources
ARLT - The Association for Latin Teaching.

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid

Latin Poetry Podcast


My Chinese Page

My French Page


Best German Websites

Speak German!

How to Learn German

German Video Lessons


Speak Italian!


Learn Japanese - Where Do I Begin

Learning and Teaching Japanese

Learn to speak the Japanese language online for free!

Learn Japanese | Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese

Basics of Japanese Culture


Speak Russian!

ESL Bilingual Russian English

My Spanish Page

My Cinco de Mayo Page

Hello World! Learn Spanish, French, German, Russian, and computer science languages

Duolingo app | Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and English for free

PopuLLar: Motivating secondary school students to learn languages through their music

The Active Learner

Speak Languages!

The Mixxer | Language Exchange for Everyone

Teach Your Students New Languages With These 5 New Apps

Fagan Finder: Translation Wizard

Activities , Games and Quizzes in Language Translation

Multilingual Living

Languages in the U.S.

National Museum of Language

Languages Online - Learn a Foreign Language with Free Tutorials

Vocabulary Training Exercises

Vocabulix - free online Vocabulary Trainer - learn Spanish, English, German

Free French online : Free Spanish online

UCLA Language Materials Project



Bilingual & Multilingual Dictionaries

English-French Picture Dictionary

English-German Picture Dictionary

English-Portuguese Picture Dictionary

English-Spanish Picture Dictionary

Dictionary of Spanish

From Language to Language

Free Translation

Google Translate

Universal Currency Converter


My Countries of the World page

My Multicultural Celebration page

Flags of the World

World Flag Database

Rulers of the World

Museums & Artists

El Museo Del Barrio
Frida Kahlo Links


Digital Dialects language learning
Language Learning Games

Foreign Languages Teaching Ideas - General Ideas


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