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*@wkrakower @dandanscience @TeacherCast @cybraryman1 @MissBamberger @kimpowelledtech @plnaugle Missing @ncarroll24 @JennRegruth  Totally enjoyed hanging out with these amazing educators for a couple of years.
Google Hangout

Connecting Your Students with the World: Tools and Projects to
Make Global Collaboration Come Alive, K-8
by @plnaugle @wkrakower @cybraryman1

Video chat (video conference call) with up to nine people at once.

Google Hangout Mavens

@MissBamberger Jessica Styers

Members of our Sunday evening Google Hangout (#4thchat)

*New Jersey @wkrakower @dandanscience @TeacherCast

Florida @cybraryman1

Pennsylvania @MissBamberger

Michigan @kimpowelledtech

Louisiana @plnaugle

Massachusetts @ncarroll24

Indiana @JennRegruth

Periscope Part of our Anytime,Anywhere, Anyplace Professional Development


One night I saw a tweet from @Marisa_C asking if anyone wanted to join a Google Hangout to see how it worked.  What an enjoyable global experience I had.  I was hanging out and learning  at the same time with people in Greece, Australia and Peru.

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