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Questions To Help You Choose A Personal Injury Lawyer - Diamond and Diamond Lawyers*

Making a Difference

A few years ago a former student contacted me on Facebook. When he found out that I would be speaking at a conference in Atlanta he said he wanted to see . He and his wife picked up my wife and I and took us out to a restaurant. He treated us to dinner to thank for all that I had done for him.  He said " Mr. Blungarten, remember when I was in your Social Studies class in the eighth grade and you said, " Isaiah you are either going to be politician or lawyer." He went on to say how I helped get him into the ABC Program (A Better Chance)

 A Better Chance took Isaiah out of the violence ridden East New York neighborhood and enrolled him in a boarding school in Massachusetts. He went on to college and graduated from Columbia Law School. Today, Isaiah is a successful lawyer and proud father.

Teacher Notes:

There were times in class when a dispute would occur and to settle things I would organize a trial on the spot.  This process actually worked and preventing things from getting out of hand.

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