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Excerpts of Some Letters for My Library Program

"I am most pleased to summarize my visit to your school library on Thursday, September 28, 1989. I share the pleasure and satisfaction you have derived from the commendable measures taken by your new librarian, Jerry Blumengarten, to make the library a focal point in the process of providing quality education."  The complete renovation of the book shelves and the reference section; the excellent periodical section; the health careers and paperback sections; the author of the month display--all combine to make your library a revitalized resource unit for student-centered learning activities."
(District Director of Language Arts and Libraries)

"I want to tell you how impressed I was with the fine job you are doing with the library facility at I.S. 218.  Your exceptional program was like an oasis in a desert."
(NYS Education Department Associate 4/13/90)

You have made an outstanding effort in creating an environment that stimulates and encourages students use of our library.  We are indeed fortunate in having you as our librarian.  You exemplify the epitome of both a librarian and educator as you serve as a model for our students and staff."
(Principal JRK 6/25/90)

"Once again you are to be commended for your initiative and efforts in making our library facility an outstanding resource and in developing an exemplary library program.  The last "District Library Conference" was held at our school in order for your colleagues to observe a "Master Librarian" in action.  Accolades for your efforts are appropriate once again."
(Principal JRK 12/14/90)

Plaque "We dedicate this to Jerry Blumengarten from the library squad: Sharlene, Kecha, Leyla, Amos, Yasmin 1989-91 In deep gratitude for our generosity, caring & endless confidence in us."

"Our library, or should I say your library, is an area to be proud of, I also look forward to bringing parents, district office staff and any outside agency working with the school, into the library - just to show it off.  You've done a remarkable job: and I'm sure the students who use the library in the morning, at lunch time or with their teachers are also pleased that your library, an oasis for learning and researching, is part of I.S. 218."
(Principal RA 10/29/91)

"Your cooperation enabled the participants at the Parent Workshop Conflict Resolution and Funded Math Teachers Math Conference to benefit from the sessions. Additionally, many positive comments were made by both pedagogues and parents concerning not only the attractive appearance of the library, but also the vast array of books and materials available to your students."
(School District Director of Mathematics 4/24/92)

"Allowing our students the opportunity to use the library during their lunch period is just a small indication of your devotion to, and interest in, the welfare of our children."
(Asst. Principal BB  6/25/92)


"It was a pleasure to let all the principals of the District, as well as district office staff, hold a meeting in your library. As you know from past requests, it has become a showcase, not only for meetings held there, but for our students - who are fortunate to have a librarian that is so creative and so supportive of I.S. 218."
(Principal RA  10/5/92)

"As you already know, your library is a showcase for our school - as most parents have already mentioned to me."
(Principal RA 10/22/93)

"Thank you so much for hosting our Middle School Librarians meeting in your library. We are very grateful to you for allowing us to have the pleasure of experience a library that is being used for just what a library is intended to do.  Your library is conducive to reading, relaxing, concentrating and getting away from the "hum-drum" of life itself. I am extremely happy to see how well your library is being utilized, not only by the children of I.S. 218, but also by the staff, parents, principal and visitors."
(Director of CA/SS & Libraries 12/13/93)

"I am really impressed with your creative activites in the library; and the fact that you are really extending yourself to making it conducive for the youngsters to enjoy reading, (even to want to visit the library), and to be made comfortable and welcome.  Your newsletter is very professional and exceptional. It is obvious that you enjoy your work.  That is a characteristic that is lacking in so many professionals who work with inner city youngsters; and it is a very vital characteristic.  You are a prolific librarian!"
(Director of Communication Arts & Libraries 9/23/94)

"Your library is a showcase for all who visit and wish to use it. Students have the best resources available in order to complete their assignments.  Your "special touch" has made me very proud every time I bring a group of parents into the library.  As you know, many district meetings take place there, and it is to your credit that our supervisors and administrators consistently call me and ask to use our library for their meetings."
(Principal RA 06/12/95)

"An amazing piece of work! Should be a model for all other schools." The launch of school library website.
(Principal RA - 4/11/99)

"Library is a model for the district."
(Director of Challenge Programs 1/3/2000)

"Your most important work is with children.  The program you provide on a daily basis is exemplary and a model for all other libraries in our district." (Principal RA 7/10/2000)

"In addition, Cybraryman, Jerry Blumengarten, from 218 has supplied us with a number of websites that you and your students may find useful."
(Executive Asst to the Superintendent 3/8/01)

"A simple thank you isn't sufficient to express my deep appreciation for being the person you are; but that simple message will have to suffice - for I know that I will never find another "cybrarian" that would even come close to fulfilling your job description."
Principal RA - 6/20/01)

"I think it is really nice of you to put up my pictures and a big sign after I became The Heavyweight Champion of the World, in my honor."
Riddick Bowe 9/6/03)