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Student Engagement

Three Keys to Motivating Unmotivated Teens BAM Radio

Teacher Notes:  During the course of my teaching career I saw the need to try to engage my students in the learning process.  I tried to find what each child liked and used that to get them more involved in learning. I had success with some turned off and disruptive students by having them use their writing, art or music skills in their school work.  One student completed changed for the better when I got one of his poems published in a local library newsletter.  One class that no one could handle loved when I had them produce their own news show

In one very tough school I taught in I would stand at the front door of the school and greet each student that came into the school. I also did this with personal messages for each student that came into my classroom. In another school I enlisted the assistant principal and every morning and passing between class periods we greeted each student that came onto our floor.
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Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Printable Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Chart
Maslow's Pyramid Diagram

Student Engagement

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