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Resolutions & Reflection

My Resolutions for this year

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Teacher Notes

Each year I had my students write their learning goals or resolutions for the year on the first day of school. I had them review and update them periodically throughout the school year. (Thanksgiving, 100th Day, New Year's, Valentine's Day...) I kept their resolutions (on paper & online) and returned them at the end of the school year. 

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At the end of each day my youngest granddaughter and her parents tell about their favorite thing and lest favorite part of their day.  Your students can gain a lot of insight into their learning this way and you can reflect on your facilitation of learning.

Have your students write down in a daily learning diary about the things they did well in school that day and what they could have improved on.  Keeping such a record you can readily see what areas that need to be attended to.


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