My students enjoyed my Sports Team Geography lesson where they determined the derivation of the names of sports teams. Each student picked a name out of a sports cap and had to research how the team got the name that is associated with it.

Sports Theme Unit

Preschool Sports Theme

World Badminton

USA Boxing

International Cheer Union

Chess Cafe

Cricket Rules - Cricket Rules

U.S. Fencing
Fencing - News, Tournament Results

USA Field Hockey

U.S. Figure Skating

American Hiking Society

NHL: National Hockey League
Science of Hockey
The Internet Hockey Database

Ice Hockey: Kudda Video Library

The Ride and Tie Association - Two People, a Horse, and an Exhilarating Race!
Triple Crown History


The Iditarod

Education World: The Iditarod: The Last Great Race

Juggling: Kudda Video Library

US Lacrosse

Boys Lacrosse: Kudda Video Library
Girls Lacrosse: Kudda Video Library

My Daytona 500 page

USAPA: United States Pickleball Association


Rock Climbing

Rugby Vocabulary

IRB: International Rugby Board

Skateboard Science Exploratorium


Softball: Kudda Video Library

Healthy Swimming
SCUBA Diving

USA Table Tennis

USA Triathlon

USA Volleyball

Volleyball: Kudda Video Library

Wheelchair Sports Federation

Wrestling USA Magazine

Wrestling: Kudda Video Library


Sports: List of Summer and Winter Olympic Sports

Sports-Reference Sports Statistics and History

Careers in Sports: Kudda Video Library

Special Olympics - Sports Field & Court Dimensions Diagrams, History, Rules and How To Information

Martindale's Calculators On-Line Center Part IO-Z Sports

Title IX

Sports Illustrated Sports Photography

IAAF International Association of Athletics Federations -

Coaches Wisdom: Kudda Video Library

Sports Management Degrees: Guide to Schools Offering Sports Management Degrees

Sport Science

CyberSleuth Kids Sports Resources

Athletes and Sports Links (Library Spot)

NCAA: National Collegiate Athletic Association

Sports Illustrated for Kids


Sporting News

Wilderness Survival Free info covering all aspects of survival.

Wildernet: Your Guide to Outdoor Recreation

Sports Logos

My Baseball page

My Basketball page

My Bicycling page

My Fishing page

My Football page

My Golf page

My Halls of Fame page

My Soccer page

My Tennis page

My Track & Field page

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