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Every child has a genius that combination of passion and unique strengths in which they absolutely thrive.
It's Thrively's mission to uncover that genius in everyone!

Thrively: Kids Activities and Strength Assessment

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Thrively Website Review
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Thrively Classroom Reports
Thrively gives you extraordinary insight into your students.  Our reports put your students' unique character strengths, interests, and career aspirations into context.  Use Thrively classroom reports to create instructional groups and enhance project-based learning.  Just click "Class Reports" from your Thrively dashboard.



Thrively on Vimeo

Team Thrively - YouTube

All kids can be successful with Thrively [video] - YouTube

Thrively for Classroom: Strength-based exploration, enrichment & guidance

Thrively What is Your Child's Genius?

Thrively for Classroom |EdSurge


Thrively Teacher Toolkit
Download your Teacher Toolkit and discover all that Thrively has to offer your students.  You'll receive resources on how to use the Thrively strength profile in your classroom.  You'll learn how to engage your students with Sparks or lead career explorations with Pathways.  Log in to Thrively today and select Teacher Toolkit from your user profile drop down menu.