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XR (XReality)

MR (Mixed Reality) - Cross Reality - 360 Degree Media

"The XReality Center at The New School uses the term “XR” to encompass all of the possibilities of reality warping technology. The “X” represents the unknown potential and explorative nature of this field, leaving room for its definition to expand as more findings emerge.  AR- VR -360 degree media - MR"

Mixed reality is the result of blending the physical world with the digital world.  Microsoft

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Are You Skilled Up For The X-Reality Design Future? | Accelerating industry success in 3D mediums - 3D, AI, AR & VR - requires the network of education and incubation.

XR is a new way to consider the reality continuum

Forget virtual and augmented reality: cross reality is all the rage - Computerworld New Zealand