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Body Language

Please pay attention to your children or students' body language.

It is also a good idea to view your own body language and micro expressions.

Teacher Notes

When I taught a lesson for an educational television network it was quite revealing after seeing the recorded show my body language and micro expressions.

Thank you @paulbogush for your session on Body Talk–Non-verbal Communication in the Classroom at #edcampSS which inspired this page.  Paul made us aware of what kids were saying with their bodies. Knowing these things will definitely change how you interact with your students.

"it is a neat topic...wish there was more time to discuss how changing the kids bodies changes how they behave/respond/perform" (Paul Bogush)


I don't know
When you are talking to a kid and they say "I don't know," watch for a sign as to whether they really do or not.  If they shrug their shoulders, they are submitting to you...they really don't know and need your help.  If they don't shrug their shoulders, keep digging a bit deeper. (Paul Bogush)

Non-Verbal_Communication - Paul Bogush on Diigo

One of the best professional development sessions in my school was a demonstration on our body language. Our school had led New York City on assaults on teachers by students

We were shown how to correctly use body language to avoid confrontations. Violence was a way of life in the area where I taught.

Listening page

Motivating Students page

“Use non-verbal communication to SOFTEN hard-line position of others:

S=Smile O=Open Posture F=Forward Lean T=Touch E=Eye Contact N=Nod.”


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