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Principals and Teachers  can work together to best facilitate the learning of all students.

Change is something that I have struggled with administrators about throughout teaching career.  When I developed something innovative and felt it would help students and others administrators always turned it down with the saying, "We don't do that here!" 

When I first started teaching World Geography  I quickly realized students had no idea about the world.  I had to start by teaching them about the continents etc.  When I asked them questions about their community they had no idea about the area where they lived and went to school.  I decided to write a comprehensive curriculum about East New York, Brooklyn.  I would then use it as a beginning a microcosm to explore the world.  

Even after receiving the following letters I still was not allowed to teach it in classroom:

October 18, 1971 - Berriman Junior High School 64 "Your study of East New York is an exceptional piece of work." (Milton Greenberg - Principal)

January 25, 1973 "I read with great interest your detailed report on East New York, and found it to be an accurate account of the ethnic, economic and racial changes which have occurred in the last 15-20 years." (A. Frederick Meyerson - N.Y.S. Senator-15th Dist.)  

It took years before we got a new superintendent (after three before him) allowed me to share this in the curriculum he let me and two others create for the entire school district.