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Education Quotations

To learn and never be filled, is wisdom; to teach and never be weary, is love.

Some of My Original Quotes

Tech Gives the Quietest Student a Voice

Blogging Gives Even the Quietest Student a Global Voice

Blogging enables students to reflect & share on their learning. It can serve as a portfolio of their growth & development throughout their school education. It empowers #stuvoice.

We must remember not every child learns the same way. Give students choices and tech is one of them.

A New Day Dawns and Countless Learning Opportunities Arise

Be a Techbrarian in Your Libratory

Overcome Obstacles to Follow Your Passions and Light the Way for Others

Model that Through Focusing and Hard Work You can Meet the Challenges You Face to Achieve Your Goals

Being Connected Opens the Door to a World of Learning and Sharing

Be a Good Citizen in Our Digital World

Tech Opens the Door to a World of Learning

Use Your Time with Children Wisely. Spark Your Students' Curiosity to Enhance Learning on their own.

Fear not that first step to discovery. Be persistent and through trial and error you can reach your goals.

Good Morning! Let go of fear, open new doors, write new endings and have an awesome day of learning.

Project-Based Learning is amazing. Have students find a problem in their community and then have them go fix it.

Take advantage of the techspertise of your students.

To prepare for the future we need to teach students how to connect, communicate & collaborate on a global level, be critical thinkers and problem solvers. We also should model being a good citizen in our digital world.


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