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Exit Slips of Learning


At the end of each day my youngest granddaughter and her parents tell about their favorite thing and least favorite part of their day.  She also has to state an act of kindness that she performed. Your students can gain a lot of insight into their learning this way and you can reflect on your facilitation of learning.

Have your students write down in a daily learning diary about the things they did well in school that day and what they could have improved on.  Keeping such a record you can readily see what areas that need to be attended to.

Teacher Notes

I feel it is a good idea to have your students hand in "exit slips" at the end of lessons.

I would also like to have teachers fill out exit slips after faculty meetings or professional development. 

Have your students produce #exit slips" the last day of school and prepare your own "exit slip" for your year as an educator.

Exit Slip

The most important thing
that I learned today was...

I need help with...

I would like to learn about...

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Students need to reflect on their learning to help retain the information that they have gained.

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