Greeters and Sharers They make the initial introduction to the other class and offer some cool or special facts about their own class without giving away the location. Be specific by stating our own names and introducing the sharers and questioners by name.

Inquirers or Questioners They asked relevant questions and are the voice of the classroom. They ask questions that narrow down where the other class could be found. Good idea to use a Google Doc so all questioners can be able to use it. The inquirers used their knowledge of geography to hone in on the location of the other class.

Note: Some classes prefer "closed questions" that only require yes or no answers.

Answerers or Researchers They answer the questions . These students need to know their state facts and geography pretty well.  This group can use atlases, computers for Google Earth, Google Maps...

Think tanks or Logical Reasoners  They sit in a group and figure out the clues based on the information. Our $2 whiteboards came in handy for this. They used a jigsaw puzzle of the United States to pull away any states that we knew it could not be.

Question keepers or Data Enterers  They type all the questions as they are asked and also the answers for us to review later on the Google Doc.  Need to do this not only for our class but the mystery class too.

Google mappers  They use Google Maps to study the geography and piece together clues. They used computers to zoom in on different regions, states and cities. They could share information they found to help create new questions. They work with the inquiries using the "runner".

Mappers  They use atlases, pull-down or desk maps to decipher clues. Suggest having country map and time zone maps.

Clue keepers  They work closely with answerers and inquirers to help guide them in their questioning. They used maps to mark down any relevant informaiton. They could cross out, circle or dot areas to help us figure out the location of the mystery class.

Signers Create signs that tell the other class whose turn it is.  Hold up those signs at appropriate times during the Mystery Call.  Signs can inclue: "Your Turn," "Our Turn," "Please wait while we prepare," and "Great Job!"

Task Masters Walk around room and "Very Nicely" help students stay on task. Stay out of the range of the camera.

Linkers They add links to the Google Doc for others to see the resources that you find.

Runner This student runs from group to group relaying information and solving any problems.

Photographer  This student takes pictures during the call.

Videographers They film the event.

Clue markers They work with puzzles of the United States to remove any states that were eliminated by the clues.

Problem solvers They help students with any issues that they may encounter during the call.

Back Channelers They record what is happening during the mystery call on Edmodo or Today's Meet. Need to know the group code)

Tweeters They share real-time play-by-play of the event on a class Twitter account.

Entertainers They share jokes, songs, etc. during a lull in the action.

Closers  They end the call in a nice manner by thanking the other class and asking some questions that show an interest in their school. Try to find some commonalities or ideas for future connections.

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