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 Orientation To Your School and Classroom
 For new students their parents and new teachers.

For Students

The transition to a new school building can be traumatizing for many students. 

Years ago in the days before computers when new students came to our school I prepared maps of each of the floors of the school. I took them on a walking tour of the building to show them where everything was located.  I felt it was important that they knew about all the services that were available to them in the school building. I also wanted them to know which staircase to take to go to the cafeteria, gym or other areas of the school.  This process made them much more comfortable.

Family File & 6th Grade Welcome Slideshow - Murray Hill Middle School

The MHMS Daring School Library Media Center Orientation Animation Video - @GwynethJones

For Parents

When my wife and I went to Back to School Night for my own children when they were in Middle School and had to follow our children's schedules we got lost.  There was no rhyme or reason to the room numbering system.  A good map or GPS system would have really helped us.

For New Teachers

Administrators should arrange a walking tour of the school building for new teachers or self-guided tours using QR Codes or M-Learning devices.  I had to beg my principal each year to allow me to have an orientation to my school library and the services I offered to them.  Include a walking tour or bus trip of the community.  Make the new staff members aware of the community and the resources it contains.

Library Orientation for Students

First session was to orient students to all of the services that the library provided, the rules and regulations of the library and the circulation policy as well as when they could use the library.

The second session covered how to find a book (Dewey Decimal System) and the Reference Section.

The third session was a scavenger hunt per library table that the children enjoyed. I also gave them a brief library

First Day of School page


Have your students plan an orientation to their school and classroom using tech tools.

Try a Geocaching QR Code Scanvenger Adventure for students and parents to learn about the school. 

QR Treasure Hunt Generator

Place QR Codes outside different offices in the school to enable students, parents... to get information, hours, etc.  Use QR Codes in your classroom too.


You can also Ring Up School Information for different locations in the school.

Geocaching page

Cell Phones in the Classsroom - M-Learning page

QR Codes page

Voice Thread page

Create  Voice Threads to introduce different members of the staff in the school explaining their roles.  I can envision one just for the Administrators for example.

Word Clouds page Create word cloud for each school office to highlight the services it provides

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