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32 Interesting Ways * to Get to Know Your New Class

Know Your Studentsí Names

Remember how you felt when you were a student and a teacher did not know your name or mispronounced itÖ
I can vividly remember being upset after one teacher kept calling me by my brotherís name every time she addressed me.

I really appreciated when a teacher quickly learned my name.

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Activities & Resources to Learn Students' Names @shellterrell

Photograph by Cybrary Man

Practice the names beforehand when you get class lists
When you get class lists start going over the names and if possible talk with previous teachers to get proper pronunciation of studentsí names.

Use Name Cards
I made name cards by folding over large index cards. I printed the studentsí names in dark magic marker on the front facing me. (At the end of each class have students collect them in order. It would be wise on the inside of each card to number them. )

Seating Chart
Fill in the seating chart and start calling on students. Once the student gives you the correct pronunciation write their name phonetically if necessary on your seating chart. While students are engaged in activities silently start memorizing their names.

Name Tags
If you are going to be with your students for extended periods of time have them wear name tags with their names written boldly on them.

Student Name Introduction Exercise
Have student in first seat of first row (or first table) stand up and say their name. The person behind him/her (or next to him/her) would then stand up and name the previous student and then give his/her name. Have students do this only for their row or table and then go on to the next group.

Student Biographies
To get to know your students and help learn their names have them write a short biography. You can then associate things about them and form word associations to remember their names.

Student Photographs
You would have to clear this project with the administration of your school. Once you have the pictures you can make a pictorial seating plan, place them on the name cards or on individual index cards (your very own flashcards!) with their names and pictures on them.

Individual Greeting for Each Student as They Enter Your Classroom
As students enter the room greet them by using saying Good morning (or afternoon) and saying their given name. This personalized greeting can make their day and enable you to remember their names.

How To Remember Names

Pay attention when someone gives you their name.
Repeat the name to yourself as soon as you hear it.
Write the name down a few times while picturing the person.
Connect the name to a word, hobby, job, sport or something else that you will remember.
Use Mnemonic Devices

RT @TRockR: @cybraryman1 I match new class list with yearbook to put a face with name.
Students are blown away when I greet them by name at Open House.

Random Name / Word Picker

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Know Your Students