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and Hashtags(#)

Teacher Notes:

I use TweetDeck every day. 

The first column is "All Friends" and lists the tweets from the people that I follow.

The next column "Mentions" lists the tweets that mention me (@cybraryman1)

The third column I use is "Direct Messages" which are messages that are private and either I send to someone or one of my followers sends me.

My fourth column is "edchat" As one of the moderators of #edchat I like to stay up with the tweets and it is one of the most popular hashtags for educators.

Each day I add the columns for the chats for that day or the hashtags for conferences that are taking place. I usually have 8 or 9 nine columns open each day.

Tip: You can schedule tweets in advance on TweetDeck.  This is a very helpful feature for me.

Buffer - Schedule posts on Social Media

Tip: When using TweetDeck for a chat use one column for the chat hashtag and next to it have the Moderator's stream.  This is very helpful when there are questions in the chat.  It helps you find the current question easily.

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Setting Up TweetDeck

Twitter Help Center | Getting Started with TweetDeck

The TweetDeck Blog

Tweetdeck Cheat Sheet

The key to using TweetDeck are hashtags (#) that you want to follow.  Once you add a column you will be seeing the live stream for that particular hashtag.

Warning: During the actual chats the stream can move very fast.

Educational Hashtags page

How to Chat page

Official Twitter Education Chat Shedule

To block spammers.

At top of the column (for example "satchat") hit the top right arrow to get dropdown menu.  Click on right arrow next to "Content"  Then go to "excluding" box and add what you want to remove.  (for a #satchat) I just typed "HIDEREF" which appeared in the spamming posts.  This prevented them from being tweeted on my #satchat column.

Big thank you to @RafranzDavis <\

How To Remove Spam From Hashtags Like #BFC530 - YouTube @TyrnaD

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