Profile = This page provides information about a Twitter user as well as that person's tweets.

PRT = Please retweet

Reply = You can reply to a person's message by clicking the arrow button

RT = Retweet which is a way to forward a person. Some use "via" as well

Spam = Unwanted messages

Timeline = List of your tweets.

Tweet = Your 280 character message.

Some abbreviations:

Ts=teachers   Ps=parents   admin = administrators

Learn how to use abbreviations, like b/c for because, w/o

think of symbols & numbers as part of words: cre8, b4, in2, F2F etc. Really helps!  gr8

If you need more than 140 characters, just add "1 of 2" to the end of your tweet and then "2 of 2" when you start the 2nd.