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Westward Expansion




"Go west, young man"

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Lewis & Clark Mapping the West

Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery

Lewis & Clark
National Historic Trail  National Park Service


To introduce the Westward Expansion unit I would have the students plan a 2,000 mile family car trip. They would have to: plan the route by map, determine approximately how long the trip would take, decide what to take on this trip and figure out a budget for the trip including food, cost of fuel, and accommodations.

During the course of the unit the students would work on a similar trip but back in the 1800's from Independence, Missouri to the west coast.

Try to get your students to imagine that they were the brave pioneers in the 1800's and have them create experiences of their journey across the country. 

Stop-Action Animation Westward Expansion Map

New Perspectives of The West (PBS)