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What helped me become a better teacher


The best thing that my first principal did when I first started teaching was have me observe a master teacher.  I learned so much from this experience.

My Teacher Mentor Patrick J. Corr

This veteran teacher invited me to join him to eat lunch in his room with two of his colleagues.  This was my first PLN and I learned so much from these passionate educators.  Form a in-school PLN and also an online one.

My PLN page

I strongly recommend that you observe your fellow colleagues teach.  You can learn so much from each other.

For a teacher what is helpful is having a pre and post conference with your administrator. My administrators never really told us what they wanted or expected and never had pre or post conferences.  We only got an observation report.

My Observations page

Video Tape Your Lessons

When I was asked to teach a lesson in a television studio it was a scary situation. I had several cameras pointed in my direction and many technicians moving around in the background.  The best part for me was seeing the final product on television and observing my teaching techniques and body language. I learned so much.

Excerpt from a letter I received from a former student:

"Hi, I just had to write! The most fascinating thing just happened.  I was sitting on the couch watching Cable television when I saw a familiar face come on the screen.  It was yours! My you haven't changed in the least bit."

You can learn a lot from watching yourself teach.  I would suggest watching the replay with a colleague or your instructional coach.  They might spot some things that you missed.

Have your students evaluate your teaching.  We should listen to our students as they observe you every day that you facilitate their learning.  Have a student video tape your lessons using your device. 

My Videos page

My New Teachers page

My Instructional Coaching page