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New Teachers
When the bell rings come out facilitating learning!

#nqttips Newly Qualified Teacher
(1st year teachers in UK are usually called NQTs)

I enjoyed being a Lead Teacher & Mentor to new teachers.

#ntchat  #preTchat 

My New Teacher Mavens


I suggest that administrators plan sessions with new teachers given by the teachers in your school
(both veterans and other teachers who only have a few years experience). 

When I was in charge of the school library I  convinced my principal to allow me to give an orientation to the school library and school each year.

Mentoring New Teachers: What's The Best Approach? BAM Radio

New Teacher Resources by @GwynethJones (I wish all schools had a Daring Librarian who created such a great resource for new teachers)

Subject Area & Grade Level Chats

Expect the Unexpected by @cybraryman1 at #ntcamp

Some pages on my website to help you.

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Teacher Notes

Be firm, fair, consistent, caring and show your passion for learning.

 In one very tough school I taught in I would stand at the front door of the school and greet each student that came into the school. I also did this with personal messages for each student that came into my classroom. In another school I enlisted the assistant principal and every morning and passing between class periods we greeted each student that came onto our floor.
Let your students know that they matter.

My #youmatter page

My What Made Me a Better Teacher page

My advice is to get in the best physical shape that you can to endure all of the rigors of teaching.

Best Practices for New Teacher Onboarding

Top Tips for New Teachers - Crowd Sourced - Google Docs

Best Resources for New Teachers Edutopia

New Teachers: Classroom-Management Fundamentals | Edutopia

Resources Toolkit for New Teachers | Edutopia

Advice for New Teachers
4 O'Clock Faculty

In First Year of Teaching, Acting More, Reacting Less, Can Reduce Anxiety

New Teachers: Technology-Integration Basics | Edutopia

My Teacher Tips page

New Teacher Survival Guide

NTIP sharing

NQT Advice & Trainee Teacher Jobs - TES New Teachers

What Qualities Do Principals Look for in a New Teacher

Dear Future Teacher

New Teacher Resources
Tools, Tips & Help from Mentor Teachers

Ideas and help for new teachers

4 Things That You Should Know About Becoming a Teacher - The Edvocate

These 5 Things Won't Make You a Better Teacher, This One Will @coolcatteacher @stumpteacher

7 Fundamental Pieces of Advice for New Teachers @terrieichholz

The 7 questions every new teacher should be able to answer

Explore Education Mentoring, Mentoring Tips, and more! Pinterest

Teacher Training Videos

Advice for First-Year Teachers -- from the 'Sophomores' Who Survived Last Year!

A 'Survival Kit' for New Teachers

New Teacher Survival Central

Back to School Guide for New Teachers

Parent Send-Homes

Smart Classroom Management

Smart Classroom Management

Student Attention Getting Tips: The One Spot Method

My Coping Strategies for Teachers page

My Tutoring and Mentoring page

My PLN - Personal Learning Networks page

  New Teacher Camp

Picture of me giving the Opening Address with great @web20classroom tweeting away in the background