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French Republic, République française - FRENCH FLAG

French Flag, Map & Information


France - Country Report

France - Rulers of the World

La Marseillaise - Hymne national français

MapMaker France - National Geographic Education

Hello World! Learn French

Languages Online: E.L. Easton

FREE Text Online Translator PROMT Company Russian,Portuguese. German, Italian, Spanish, French

How to Type in French Accents

Fagan Finder: Translation Wizard

Parasaurus Rex Frenchix

ContexTrans - Combining Machine Translation and a Translation Memory database

BBC - Languages - Learn French

World Languages (High School Hub)

I Love Languages -guide to language related web sites

Lost in the Translation

Foreign Languages for Travelers

French Culture


Language Resources SearchLanguage.Com

Translating Dictionaries

Bilingual & Multilingual Dictionaries

Online Language Laboratory

Ethnologue: Languages of the World

From Language to Language

Free Translation

Alta Vista: Translate with Babel Fish

Universal Currency Converter

Picturing Paris

Paris: The City, Its Culture, Tourist Information, Paris Kiosque

French Language (

Yahoo! France



Une histoire vraie

Years ago on le quatorze Juillet I was riding on the Metro when I was approached by a group of young hooligans who seemed that they were just looking for trouble.  They asked me "Êtes-vous français?"  I replied: "Mais oui, Je suis français!"  They left me and asked another person and he said he was an American.  They then kicked him.  My high school French saved me!


My French Revolution Page

Alouette - YouTube

The Wiggles - Frère Jacques YouTube


My Foreign (World) Languages Page

Le Monde
(The newspaper in French)

Le Figaro - Actualités

Radio France Accueil

NewsCentral- France Newspapers

TV5MONDE : Apprendre.TV - FLE - français langue étrangère: apprendre le français avec TV5MONDE

Edutweeteurs francophones Canada

Learn French Online For Free - Top 100 Sites & Resources

Learn French Online Free

Free French online

French - LiveBinder

Speak French!


eTools for Language Teachers

The Easy Guide to French Numbers - Talk in French

Adventures in Grade 1 French Immersion

AATF Technology Commission Tech Blog

Bonjour French Immersion

Camille Teaches

Chez Renée

Have You Seen This?

Just An Ordinary FSL Teacher!

Le français au lycée Mount Vernon - Catherine Ousselin

Le service pour trouver des ressources pédagogiques - Pedagonet

Les Chevaliers du Château des Champions

On learning, language and technology

Primary French Immersion Education

The Prof's Page

Te(a)ch french | a technology in the classroom diary

Triton HS French

What I learned at school today.

ARTFL Project French-English Dictionary Form

English-French Picture Dictionary

French Language (

Primary French - BBC

BBC - Languages - Learn French

How to Type in French Accents

English-French Vocabulary Quizzes

French Language Word Searches

French 1 & 2
French 3

French - (TRIP - Teacher Resources for Instructional)

French Grammar:Index la grammaire de l'absurde


Français Interactif – Verb practice

Le Conjugueur


Français Interactif


French language learning games

French Games Online - Educational and Fun

Fun Learning French Games - LoveToKnow French

ZUT: Interactive Activities for French Teachers and Learners

Bonjour Francais!

FSL Bingo

Bingo: Les Animaux de la Forêt

Quia - French

Digital Dialects language learning
Language Learning Games

English - French Translation Games, Dictionary, Language Activities & Quiz

Le service pour trouver des ressources pédagogiques

Bonjour de France - jeu de l'oie présent de l'indicatif

Le Point du FLE • Annuaire du français langue étrangère - Learn French - Aprender francés - Französisch lernen

Primary - Zut! - Language Skills

Tongue Twisters



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