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Teacher Notes
Since I was always busy and had little time to do many things I relied on ways to better organize myself. I devised a
"Homework System" that helped me not lose any papers. I also stapled/taped envelopes inside my teacher's closet to keep important forms. I used many of the links on this page to make worksheets, prepare forms and puzzles,
make lesson plans and prepare tests and quizzes.
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Calendars Newsletters Newspapers Free & Inexpensive Supplies Portfolios & Binders Teacher Tools
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Reward Systems That Work
What to Give and When to Give It!
Education World ®

A List of Reward Ideas

Award Certificates - Education World

Personalized Award Certificates

Personalized Award Certificate Online Maker

DoInk Overlays Images - Google Slides @KSzajner

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Free Printable Calendars

Monthly Activity Calendar

Basic Calendar Creator - timeanddate

Calendar Maker & Calendar Creator for Word and Excel

Google Calendar

Calendar - Google Apps Learning Center v4

Design flyers to spread the word online | Smore

Digital Making - Smoree - LiveBinder

Creating a Classroom Newspaper - ReadWriteThink Lesson Plan

Create your own printable magazines and eBooks

Education World: How I Handled... Producing a Great School Newsletter Without a Budget

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Certificates 4 Teachers

Certificates -abcTeach

Certificate Street

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Classroom Library page


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Classroom Forms and Testing (First Grade)

Teachers Start Report Card Revolution

Classroom Materials Makers - teAchnology

Parent - Teacher Conference Form Generator - TeAchnology

Progress Report Generator- TeAchnology

Substitute Teaching Daily Plan Generator - TeAchnology

Weekly Progress Report - TeAchnology Generator

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FREE and/or Inexpensive SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT

Free or Inexpensive Supplies & Equipment for your Classroom page

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Teacher letter to parent

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Organizing Your Classroom and Other Organizing pages on Cybrary Man

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Polls and Surveys page

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Electronic Portfolios page

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My Games and Puzzles page

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Quiz and Test Generators page

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What Will Your School's Next Report Card Look Like?

101 Ways to say "Very Good"
for those days when you can't think of what to say

Report Cards: Advice & Suggested Comments for Teachers
(Grades K-12)

Report Card Comments

Comment Ideas for Report Cards

Teachers Start Report Card Revolution

Report Card - Grading page

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Teacher Tools and Templates - Education World®

Remind- safe way for teachers to text message students
and stay in touch with parents. Free

Remind page

Tools for Educators

Self-Assessment Checklist

Free Weekly Class Schedule Template for Excel

Free Tools for Creative Teachers

6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2018 | @cultofpedagogy

Charts and Graphs page

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TLS Books - Free Worksheets

Word Scramble Worksheet Maker

Free Printables

Free Worksheets and Printables For Teachers- TeAchnology

1000s of Grades K-6 Printable Worksheets from Worksheet Library

Worksheet Works

Construct a set of simple arithmetic problems

Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs

Printable Paper

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Flashcards page

Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator

Online Stopwatch

Countdown Timer

Customize Countdown Counter to Any Date

Countdown Clock

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