Honoring Students

At the end of each marking period I made a poster with the names of all of the students who made the honor roll. I used dark magic marker so the names were easy to read. The children loved seeing their names posted in the library! Many stated that they had to do better in their classes because they also wanted to have their names up on the library wall .

I also posted any awards that students earned for their academic excellence or good citizenship, arts education recognitions, Science Fair honorees, Spelling Bee and sports achievement.

The names of the members of the Student Council and PTA were also prominently displayed.

When former student Riddick Bowe came back to visit I showed him a sign with his picture on it after he won the silver medal in the Olympics.  Later when he became the Heavyweight Boxing Champ I also posted that along with his picture.  I had a special section to honor the achievements of former students.

When I started website I created a scavenger hunt to ten questions. Students completed this assignment were given a certificate, their given name & first letter of their surname appeared on the library website and their names were added to a poster hanging in the library.

I put up a map of the world and connected yarn from the countries where students and staff members came from to the flag of that country. The children would get excited when they saw their country's flag.

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